YourNewsCP Holiday is pretty much a HUGE event that happens all month long on the blog.. It is the home to


various events such as "Holiday Extravaganza", and "Club Penguin Blog Awards...",

It begins on December 1st and goes all the way to December 31st......

Holiday Extravaganza


Holiday Extravaganza is pretty much the biggest event where you can earn free stuff and who doesn't love free stuff? I say everyone here want's to earn some stuff this Christmas, these "gifts" are pretty much like presents.... Everyday a new one is available!

Club Penguin Blog Awards


Every year the blog hosts the Club Penguin Blog Awards, which pretty much gives a award to the winning blog...

On October 13th 2014, special prizes were given to the people who voted on the blog awards early....

2014's runner up on the Club Penguin Blog Awards was YourNewsCP in 1st place, and in 2nd place, Club Penguin Reveals... The deadline every year is Dec. 31st!